Motor truck cargo

Motor Carriers benefit from our Premier Cargo Coverage Form which is one of the broadest forms in the industry.  We insure a wide range of commodity types and values, and can insure high-value and specialized freight.

  • Includes refrigeration breakdown protection
  • Includes earned freight reimbursement
  • Includes towing expenses
  • Includes electronics
  • Meets typical freight broker requirements
  • Tailored endorsements to meet unique named shipper or trip needs
  • Hired cargo coverage – included in the Premier Coverage Form at no additional cost
  • Contingent cargo coverage – this helps protect freight brokerage operations against claims for damaged cargo hauled by a motor carrier
  • No coinsurance clause
  • Various deductible and limit options

We also offer the Custom Cargo Coverage Form, with many of the same benefits as the Premier Form. This coverage form is designed for motor carriers in business less than two years or for those that haul autos/boats. It offers flexibility to choose and pay for only certain coverages that a customer needs. 

For owner operators, we also offer:

  • Deductible Reimbursement coverage to reimburse the owner operator for cargo deductibles which they may obligated as stipulated in an owner operator lease agreement