Special Investigations Group

Our Special Investigations Group (SIG) is unique to the truck insurance industry. The Northland SIG team is available when and where you need them, providing added value.

  • SIG recovers millions of dollars in cargo every year
  • SIG’s sting trailer has contributed to breaking up multiple organized cargo-theft rings, resulting in numerous arrests
  • SIG consults with customers on improving cargo security
  • SIG keeps abreast of industry trends to offer insights on the latest products and technology used in theft prevention
  • SIG investigators have backgrounds in law enforcement, and have developed strong relationships with law enforcement agencies in their local communities that help enable them to respond quickly in recovery investigations
  • SIG has been recognized by law enforcement and federal agencies for its efforts and expertise in the area of cargo theft

Our Special Investigations Group can help you secure your cargo – and stay on the road.

Special Investigations GroupSpecial Investigations Group