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Celebrating 75 Years of Northland Insurance

Celebrating 75 Years of Northland Insurance, a Milestone Anniversary. What began in 1948 to protect a fleet of beer delivery trucks in St. Paul, Minnesota, has grown by the truckload. So much so that we're now one of America's largest commercial trucking insurance carriers.

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Commercial Truck Insurance

Northland has provided industry-leading products and services at affordable prices to owner-operators and fleets since 1948.

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Agents, do your trucking customers need reliable coverage?

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Risk Control Services for Trucking

We provide industry-leading tools and resources and dedicated trucking risk management specialists.

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Transportation Claim Services

Northland’s highly trained claim professionals and industry-leading claim response gets you back to business faster and on the road again.

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Special Investigations Group

Our Special Investigations Group (SIG) works on theft prevention and mitigation plans and conducts recovery investigations.

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Transportation Legal Services

Northland Insurance has one of the largest legal teams in the U.S dedicated to supporting your business.

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Truck Transportation Safety Resources

Northland’s resources page includes tools and resources such as guidebooks, reports, checklists, and training materials.

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Life on the road can be uncertain: bad weather, breakdowns, accidents, and theft. We've seen it all. When these things happen, you need a commercial truck insurance carrier you can rely on.

Northland Insurance offers quality protection and specialized services so you can comfortably and confidently keep your trucking company safe and on the road.


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