Deluxe Coverage

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What is deluxe coverage?

Deluxe coverage provides a variety of coverages wrapped together in one policy. It includes diminishing deductible for physical damage, aggregate deductible, personal effects, downtime loss and rental reimbursement.

Included coverage

This rewards the loss-free trucker by reducing the original policy deductible by 25% for each loss-free year. By the fifth year, no deductible would apply. This provides lower out-of-pocket expense for the deserving loss-free risk.

This limits the application of physical damage deductibles on a loss so only one deductible is applied regardless of the number of covered autos involved in the same loss.

This provides a maximum of $2,500 for loss to personal property owned by the insured driver while inside a covered auto. This coverage shares the same deductible as physical damage, so if the vehicle damage is a result of a covered peril, no additional deductible applies to the personal effects.

This provides coverage of up to $100 per day for a maximum of 30 days and covers expenses resulting from downtime or the need to rent a replacement vehicle. Additional coverage can be added for a higher limit of rental reimbursement protection.

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