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Litigation against a trucking company can be devastating to a business. The trend of juries awarding huge verdicts continues. A trucker’s relentless focus on road safety best practices like minding  speed and distance, can be a game changer. 

Learn from the examples of other trucking companies that have been hit with nuclear verdicts and how to reduce the risk to your trucking business by strengthening your safety practices with guidance from Northland’s Trucking Litigation Mitigation episodes on Freightwaves What the Truck?!? podcast.

Nuclear verdicts in the trucking industry

Join Anthony Slamar on this episode of What the Truck?!?.  Anthony discusses the impact of high damage jury awards against trucking companies, and how regular driver coaching can help avoid the accidents that may result in nuclear verdicts.

Aired: 4/26/2024

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Top Stories

Managing Speed and Space

Driving too fast for conditions, tailgating and not yielding the right-of-way are a few examples of poor speed and space management that can quickly lead to a crash, one that could do more than ruin your day.

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Preventing Rear-End Crashes

Why are rear-end crashes so common? Most drivers are likely to agree that distracted driving, vehicle speed, traffic congestion and aggressive driving are some of the main reasons.

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Is Your Distracted Driving Policy Working?

According to research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), driver distraction is a leading cause of vehicle accidents.

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Three Reasons Why Driver Health and Wellness Matter

Your health can impact safety. To be safe, it’s important to be focused and alert at all times while driving.

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