Physical Damage Insurance

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What is physical damage Insurance?

Physical damage insurance offers protection for claims from covered losses resulting from collision, fire, theft, hail, vandalism and flood.

Included coverage

We offer various deductible options for both comprehensive and collision.

We automatically provide a single deductible for accounts with physical damage with or without cargo coverage.

This coverage is automatically included. The value of tarps, chains and binders should be considered when selecting the stated value of the vehicle.

This is automatically included if the stated limit exceeds the finance value, although the customer can opt out. Motor carriers financing or leasing vehicles have loss exposure if their truck depreciates faster than their lease or loan value. In a total loss, the insured can owe more money than they receive for their destroyed vehicle.

This coverage is for towing as a result of a covered loss and is automatically included at no additional charge.

Optional coverage

This can be customized for fleets that want to mitigate exposures on a per location or event basis.

These are available as needed.

We provide insurance for tools and equipment under inland marine. Truckers may have tools and equipment of considerable value used in their trucking operation, which may not be permanently attached to their units.

This coverage provides reimbursement for expenses resulting from many commonly occurring causes of breakdown.

This is a bundle of coverages that can be purchased with physical damage coverage. It includes downtime, diminishing deductible for physical damage, aggregate deductible, rental reimbursement, and personal effects property.

This helps pays back the cost of a rental from a covered loss up to 120 days.

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Agents, do your trucking customers need reliable coverage?

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