Truck Driver Management Resources

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Hiring good drivers and truck driver retention are essential. These resources can help you hire and manage experienced, safe drivers.

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Driver screening and selection

Driver retention

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Truck Driver Management Resources

Driver Orientation Program Basics

An orientation program is important to help drivers become familiar with a company’s operations before they begin driving.

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Truck Driver Management Resources

FMCSA's Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

The Pre-employment Screening Program offers information that can help you make a more informed hiring decision.

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Truck Driver Management Resources

The Benefits of Keeping Good Drivers

Improving driver retention starts by examining how drivers are recruited, selected, hired and qualified.

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Truck Driver Management Resources

Four Steps to Safer Drivers

Fatigue is natural, and we all need regular rest to recharge our batteries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that approximately 100,000 accidents reported every year are due to driver fatigue.

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Truck Driver Management Resources

9 Keys to Choosing Safe Drivers for Your Fleet

Screening potential drivers can help ensure you choose safer drivers who will also provide quality customer service.

Man standing beside truck smiling with arms folded wearing a red vest

Truck Driver Management Resources

Selecting and Hiring Safe Drivers

A thorough screening process can help ensure your new drivers contribute to your success by driving safely and providing quality service to your customers.

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Truck Driver Management Resources

Coaching Drivers with Vehicle Telematics

The use of vehicle telematics is the next step in improving the safe operation of motor vehicle fleets, transforming drivers from “lone workers” to employees whose performance can be observed, coached and managed.

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