Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Front of a white truck, headlights on, with the silhouette of the driver in front of an evening sunset.

Professional drivers face many safety challenges on the road, including:

  • Season-specific road conditions
  • Truck handling during merge/yield, backing, and turning
  • Situation-specific conditions like work zones, railroad crossings, and low-clearances

The following resources address key safety issues, defensive driving practices, and techniques to avoid accidents for professional drivers.

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Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Passing Safely

To pass safely, it’s important to interpret the intentions of other drivers. Watch for clues that the driver of the vehicle you are passing may be intending to slow down, stop or turn.

View of cars and trucks driving down interstate

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Preventing Rear-End Crashes

Why are rear-end crashes so common? Most drivers are likely to agree that distracted driving, vehicle speed, traffic congestion and aggressive driving are some of the main reasons.

White truck rear ends blue van

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Preventing Truck Rollover Crashes

Given the seriousness of truck rollover crashes, there are good reasons to work toward preventing them. Recognizing the causes is the place to start.

Truck driver concentrating on the road ahead

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Adverse Weather

People are often not surprised when private passenger vehicle drivers make mistakes, but paid drivers are often viewed as professionals who should meet higher safety and performance standards

Winding road with snow and ice and red hazard sign

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Backing Safely

There are several ways to help reduce the risk of being involved in backing collisions. The best way is to avoid backing whenever possible.

Driver leaning head outside truck while driving in reverse

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Railroad-Highway Crossing Safety

The probability of having an accident at a railroad crossing can increase during adverse weather or low visibility.

Train moving along railway crossing

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Drowsy Driving - Are you Driving Like you are Drunk?

Information about drowsy driving.

Driver sitting in truck stares ahead with one hand on steering wheel

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Low-Clearance Obstacles

Trucks striking low bridges, power lines, or signs is not an unusual occurrence, especially in metropolitan areas where these hazards are abundant.

Grey truck driving underneath bridge

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Managing Speed and Space

Driving too fast for conditions, tailgating and not yielding the right-of-way are a few examples of poor speed and space management that can quickly lead to a crash, one that could do more than ruin your day.

Dark blue truck driving along interstate

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Mobile Device Safety While Driving

Professional drivers have come to rely heavily on mobile devices to communicate while on the road. Doing so while driving is risky.

Truck driver scrolling mobile device

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Passengers: Good Company - But Are They Safe?

Many trucking companies are taking a more cautious approach toward passengers than they have in the past.

Close view of truck driver jeans and seat belt buckle

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Per vehicle mile traveled, a motorcyclist is 27 times more likely than a passenger car occupant to die in a traffic crash.

Man riding a motorcycle with a woman sitting behind him

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Help Turn Work Zones into "Safe Zones"

More than 80 percent of those killed in work zones were drivers and their passengers.

Road filled with traffic and orange traffic cones

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

Yielding the Right of Way

For most types of vehicles, the risk of being involved in a failure-to-yield collision is greatly increased at intersections and while merging or changing lanes.

View of empty road with a right turn arrow in center

Trucking Safe Driving Resources

5 Tips to Help Prevent Rear-End Collisions in Trucking

Discover five ways to prevent the risks and costs of rear-end collisions in the trucking industry. Learn how to protect your drivers today with Northland Insurance.

Blue 18-wheeler truck driving along highway