Commercial Fleet Insurance

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Commercial Fleet Insurance

Your trucking business is a big investment, and we’re here to help you protect it. Our dedicated underwriters, risk control specialists, and claim professionals have the expertise to help you reduce loss, increase safety, and minimize costs for your business.

Northland offers commercial fleet insurance products, services, and resources to help protect your business. We’re here to keep your business on the road.

Commercial auto liability insurance can help pay the costs of damages to a third party.

Physical damage insurance offers protection for covered accidents, including damage to tools and equipment of considerable value.

Motor truck cargo insurance helps to protect a wide range of commodity types and values, and high-value and specialized freight.

General liability for truckers protects against claims for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, and more.

Northland Insurance offers a range of high-quality services and a dedicated team designed to support our truck insurance customers.

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Agents, do your trucking customers need reliable coverage?

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Insights to help you manage risks on the road

Truck Driver Management Resources

The Benefits of Keeping Good Drivers

Improving driver retention starts by examining how drivers are recruited, selected, hired and qualified.

Two truck drivers wearing blue baseball caps shake hands

Truck Driver Management Resources

9 Keys to Choosing Safe Drivers for Your Fleet

Screening potential drivers can help ensure you choose safer drivers who will also provide quality customer service.

Man standing beside truck smiling with arms folded wearing a red vest

Truck Driver Management Resources

Selecting and Hiring Safe Drivers

A thorough screening process can help ensure your new drivers contribute to your success by driving safely and providing quality service to your customers.

Man with glasses sits and interviews truck driver