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Agents, do your trucking customers need reliable coverage? Find a general agent today.

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What is the Northland Advantage?SM

Life on the road can be uncertain: bad weather, breakdowns, accidents, theft. We've seen it all. When these things happen, you need a commercial truck insurance carrier you can rely on.

Northland Insurance offers quality protection and specialized services so you can comfortably and confidently keep your trucking company safe and on the road. We’re there to support you with:

That’s the Northland difference. That’s the Northland AdvantageSM.

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Agents, do your trucking customers need reliable coverage?

Find a Northland general agent who can help.

Why Northland Insurance?

Northland Advantage

We Know the Industry

Motor carrier filings, if not done properly, can shut down a trucking company. See how Northland's filing service ensures that won't happen.

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Northland Advantage

We Know the Nuts and Bolts

Learn how Northland's commercial truck insurance can keep your fleet safe.

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Northland Advantage

We Know What It Takes

Case study: Northland recovered all costs for a customer in a challenging accident situation.

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Northland Advantage

We Know How to Keep You Moving

Case study: Northland's Claim department quickly got a customer moving again after an accident.

Blue and grey 18-wheeler truck drives off side of road

Northland Advantage

We Know Who Did It

See how Northland's Special Investigations Group, unique to the industry, quickly recovered a customer's stolen truck.

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Northland Advantage

We know Truck

See how the Northland Advantage can help your business keep trucking along.

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Northland Advantage

We Know the Bumps

Case study: Northland's Legal team eased the process for one of our customers and brought back a favorable verdict.

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Northland Advantage

We Know What Can Go Wrong

Preparing for and identifying risks of the road, before they even happen, can be tricky. See how Northland can help.

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Northland Advantage

We Know the Road

The road can be tough. Don't go it alone. See how Northland has been a stable, reliable partner over the past 70+ years.

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Northland Advantage

We Know the Ins and Outs

Keep your fleet running smoothly amidst business complexity, such as compliance with the law.

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